About ATY

Arkitek Tressie Yap was formed by Ar Tressie Yap

after a ten-year stint as a project architect with major responsibilities in several architect firms in Australia and Malaysia. Since then, Ar. Yap has assembled a multi-racial talent pool of more than forty years of combined experience with offices in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu.

A bumiputera firm, Architect Tressie Yap has undertaken and proposed both private and government projects ranging from corporate buildings and boutique bungalows to hotels and housing developments throughout Sabah. In her previous careers, Ar .Yap also handled projects such as low-and-medium-cost housing and commercial centers.
As a client-friendly firm,Arkitek Tressie Yap employs the latest in CAD technology to enable its clients to visualize the project model. Through collaborative efforts , the firm has also built up an extensive network of contacts with related experienced professionals such as engineers, quantity surveyors and landscape designers.


We provide complete architectural design & consultancy services covering residential, touristic, commercial, industrial sectors and many more. We engage our clients with functional & structural honesty which links to the idea that a building or product form shall be shaped on the basis of its intended function & display its “true” purpose and not be solely decorative.


We manage every phase of the development process and assist to provide technical advice and administrative support to complete the project timely. Each project is shepherded at every stage, from conception to construction, ensuring that no detail, however small, is ever overlooked.


We personalize or re-shape spaces, providing inspirational, creative & original ideas to any functional space.


We sometimes respond to our clients’ specific needs and marry products or furniture with our artistic expression, constantly making remarks to our products that make the spaces meaningful.